Castle Night 4 - Floorstand Speaker, Mahogany

Castle Night 4 - Floorstand Speaker, Mahogany

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Castle Night 4 - Floorstand Speaker, Mahogany

Detail and neutrality are of the utmost importance when building a loudspeaker, an evident characteristic shown throughout the design and construction of the Knight series. Using a rigid yet light mixed-fiber cone material in the bass driver makes it fast enough to track the most complex score and its unique 'TPT' (Twin-Pipe Technology) transforms the performance of all its floor-standing speaker models, using the internal volume of the cabinet to extend the bass response without using unruly reflex ports. Adorned with the highest quality genuine wood veneer, the Knight series offers more than just a taste of high-end luxury.


Woofers 130mm    X       2

Tweeter    25 mm

Nominal Impedance 8 ohms

Sensitivity   90dB

Frequency Response  36Hz- 24Khz

Amplifier Requirements 25-150 watts

System Type  Floor Transmission-Line

Dimension  900 X  165  X  270mm

Weight    12.5Kg

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