Xantech Keypad MRC88 White

Xantech Keypad MRC88 White

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Xantech MRC88KPW

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Based on the award-winning MRC44 keypad (judged by many to be the most aesthetically appealing and easiest-to-use keypad on the market today), the MRC88 keypad is a flush mounted piece that snaps into the special MRC88 keypad bracket (about the size of a double-gang J-box.) Its slim profile and unique mounting bracket make it appealing to both dealer and customer alike.

MRC88 Keypad Front
The front of the MRC88 Keypad contains a total of 20 buttons, including the Power button. In addition, there is a multi-colored LED to indicate ON/OFF, System Busy, IR output and other system functions, an IR eye that receives IR signals from a remote control and a large LCD screen.

The MRC88 Keypad cover is available in 4 colors-almond, black, ivory and white. All buttons are made of soft rubber and are back-lit, producing a beautiful, soft glow around each. (This soft light times out after use to not be a distraction...the backlight duration is variable based on user preference.)

The buttons are arranged in a way to maximize ease of use and elegant appearance. Use of the source or volume buttons is automatically reflected in the LCD screen, which displays the available sources, currently selected source and volume level.

The center of the Keypad is a multi-function cursor array for controlling source components such as CD, VCR, DVD and Satellite receivers.

The large, easy to read backlit LCD, indicates the source component selected, volume, mute and "Link" mode.

For convenient easy chair control, the Keypad also features an infrared receiver. Hand-held remotes can be used to control the system and source components from across the room.

Xantech's highly acclaimed and proprietary software, Dragon Drop-IRTM, is used to program the sources in each system. Using this software, dealer/installers can program MRC88 Keypads for basic or sophisticated sequences (macros) to send out strings of commands to turn the system on, dim the lights, close the draperies, select a source, and play that source component all from a single button press.

MRC88 Keypad Rear
In addition to the two mounting prongs that go into the special mounting bracket, the back of the Keypad contains two RJ45 connectors, one for easy connection to a CAT5 cable back to the Controller/Amplifier and one for expansion to a maximum of four keypads in each zone.

Other Keypad Features

  • Keypad IR receiver sensitivity adjustment
  • Keypad IR receiver enable/disable jumper
  • LCD backlight brightness adjustment
  • Keypad zone termination jumper
  • External IR receiver/keypad input connections allowing use of other Xantech IR receivers, Smart-Pad3 keypads or Waterpad keypads in the zone
  • In-the-zone IR emitter output connections to allow the system to control components physically located in the zone

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