About Us

The Why:

An unavoidable fact of the AV industry is that Retailers, Distributors and Manufacturers will inevitably end up with hard-to-sell or unsaleable stock. The reasons are many and varied, for example: superseded stock, returned items, repaired items returned under warranty, demonstrators, show and display stock. Other reasons include refurbished or repaired stock, stock which has been in an environment where a fire or a water event took place, or stock with damaged packing.  Sometimes there is simply an overstock of a given model due to over-ordering or seasonal fluctuations in demand. 

More often than not, stock in these categories will be perfectly fine from both a cosmetic and functional point of view, but traditional AV businesses often find it difficult to make this stock available to customers. Reasons for this include not having sales channels set up to deal with the end-user directly, directives to focus sales efforts on new and in-demand product, and the fast and continuous development cycle of new products taking attention away from often perfectly suitable superseded models.  

The What: 

All of this means that at any given time, there is an excess of quality products available. The purpose of Hi-Fi Disposals is to collate and curate the very best of this stock, thoroughly examine, test and grade it, then make it available to savvy AV enthusiasts at heavily discounted prices. All items for sale on Hi-Fi Disposals have been extensively tested by our professional technicians, and assigned a clear, objective grade for full transparency.  For additional peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive three year warranty on all new items only. 12 month warranty on everything else. 

All high-quality Hi-Fi and Video Equipment of worth, qualify.  Our store covers the spectrum of equipment from brand new product to classic/museum/nostalgic models, Accessories and even spare parts.  Please note, there may be quantities available for some items, or there may be only the one that is listed available.

The Where:  

Hi Fi Disposals is purely online business.  Whilst we will offer a collect-only service for a particular product, we do not offer a typical retail experience, ie. we have no show/demonstration rooms, we do not offer comparison tests nor do we have an installation/installers division.  We provide a delivery service Australia wide unless otherwise stated i.e. 'Collect Only' etc.

We believe that this model will allow us to most effectively offer high quality products to AV enthusiasts at the leanest possible prices.

The Who:  

We are a team of HiFi enthusiasts and technicians with some 90 years of collective experience in the Australian AV industry.  As well as providing product and sales support, we have our own service department with what we believe offers the best technical support and after-sales service available.

Hi Fi Disposals was created in 1991 in Camberwell, during the Recession 'we had to have' and predominantly operated a retail version of the same business model as described above. Consumer reaction was extremely positive at the time, as the only other option for our kind of offering at the time was the Trading Post, which even then was seen as very inconvenient, clumsy, time-consuming and often risky.   After a very successful period, Hi Fi Disposals was set on the backburner until a time at which technology allowed us to provide the service directly online. That time has now come!

By appointment only, we are happy to demonstrate the working of a potential/selection purchase.  We will be available for sales inquiries via e-mail and telephone during weekdays/business hours.  

The When: 

Hi Fi Disposals went live on May 1st, 2020. We already have a very large collection of superb Hi-Fi in our possession and at this stage will update our listings on a weekly basis. We are available for e-mail queries during business hours to provide support for customers searching for a specific product or solution.