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NAGAOKA MP 10 Moving Permalloy Stereo Cartridge

NAGAOKA MP 10 Moving Permalloy Stereo Cartridge

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NAGAOKA MP 10 Moving Permalloy Stereo Cartridge

Brand New (bulk Packed, no presentation box)
 It's an inexpensive Cartridge that makes the best use of
 Nagaoka's experience in sound reproduction to develop a superb level of performance.  The MP-10 phono cartridge features a spherical diamond mounted on an Alu. Lightweight cantilever for superior record groove retrieval. It offers an excellent rendition of voice and music and is distortion-free.  The Samarium-Cobalt Magnet used in the magnetic circuit delivers high output and a punchy sound.

- Type: Moving Magnet
- Cantilever: Aluminum alloy
- Stylus type: Polished spherical diamond with 0.5 mil radii
- Weight: 6.8 g
- Output voltage @ 1kHz,5cm/sec: 5mV
- Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
- Channel balance @ 1kHz: > 2.0dB
- Channel separation @ 1kHz: > 22dB
- Recommended loading: 47k ohms/100Pf
- Dynamic compliance: 7.0 x 10-6 cm/dyne
- Static compliance: 20 x 10-6 cm/dyne
- Tracking force range: 2g - 2.5 g

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