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Dynaudio Focus 400XD Active Wireless Floor-Standing Speakers (Black)

Dynaudio Focus 400XD Active Wireless Floor-Standing Speakers (Black)

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Dynaudio Focus 400XD Active Wireless Floor-Standing Speakers (Black)

The Focus 400 XD combines the best of two worlds: The sleek elegance of a relatively compact floor-standing loudspeaker with the astonishing sonic performance of 450 watts of completely optimized amplification.

The Focus 400 XD offers the best of two worlds: the sleek elegance of a compact floor-standing loudspeaker design, with an extreme level of un-compromised performance and sheer output capability previously unfathomable for a speaker with such a modest footprint.

The Focus 400 XD is equipped with the same feature set as the 200 XD model and boasts an Esotec+ woofer and another 150W of amplifier power, along with its additional cabinet volume.

Aside from the sophisticated digital amplifier and the proprietary Esotec+ driver technology, the 400 XD is distinguished by its exceptional sound quality: the optimized phase and crossover tuning of the drivers in the Focus XD models allow audio reproduction at such a high level of precision and accuracy that a fascinatingly three-dimensional playback is achieved.

Both bass and high-frequency reproduction can be precisely adjusted to the specific room acoustics for the highest level of audio playback quality.

The Focus XD models feature magnetically attached grilles and are available in Satin Black. 

A discreetly integrated LED display indicates volume and input selection. The floor-standing models feature outrigger feet equipped with both non-slip resonance absorbers and integrated adjustable spikes that can be exposed, perfectly complementing the speakers' elegant design.

Thus, the sound and the physical placement of the 400 XD can be perfectly adapted to the room. 

A compact floor-standing active loudspeaker with wireless capability featuring 450W of high-end amplifier power per channel, the Focus 400 XD is another statement model offering a most impressive sound quality that will make true music lovers sit up and notice.

Technical specifications

Specification sheet for Focus XD part 2
Frequency Response (± 3 dB): 29 Hz - 24 kHz
Box Principle: Bass Reflex Rear Ported
Crossover: 2½ way DSP Based
Crossover Frequencies: (300), 2500 Hz
Crossover Slope: 18 dB/Octave
Woofer: 17 cm MSP
Midrange: 17 cm MSP
Tweeter: 28 mm soft dome
Specification sheet for Focus XD part 1
Woofer Amplifier Power: 150 W
Midrange Amplifier Power: 150 W
Tweeter Amplifier Power: 150 W
AC Power Input: 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
Standby Power Consumption: < 0,5 W
Power Consumption: 18-200 W
Weight: 18,5 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 198 x 980 x 307 mm

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