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Elipson Planet LW Wireless Spherical PAIR of Speakers (White)

Elipson Planet LW Wireless Spherical PAIR of Speakers (White)

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Elipson Planet LW Wireless Spherical PAIR of Speakers (White)

The Planet LW will revolutionize your way of listening to music with a wireless connection between the speakers and your iPod/iPhone/iPad or your PC/Apple computer. You’ll no longer need an amplifier, a CD player, a DAC or other unsightly black boxes.

In each speaker, active crossover with two 50W ICEPower® amplifiers by Bang & Olufsen connected directly to the tweeter and woofer propel the Planet LW speakers toward new heights of audio fidelity.

You’ll control volume, play, pause, and track selection using the included remote control.

Note: Pricing is for a PAIR of speakers.

SYSTEM: 2 ways

FREQUENCY RANGE (+/-3DB): 42 -20000 Hz


VOLTAGE: 220-240VAC Watts



ENCLOSURE: Bass Reflex

Includes Remote Control.

 "The bass response is exceptional for a speaker of this size. There are depth and control that gives the Elipson Planet LW tremendous punch and drive for a speaker of this size. This is partly down to the bass port, which moves much air without becoming audible. The authority this lends to music that needs a little low-end shove is considerable. Elipson quotes the same frequency response for the passive L as the active LW, but in use, the LW reaches its lower numbers with a greater effortlessness than the bald numbers suggest." 


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