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FLEXSON/REGA VinylPlay Turntable, NEW

FLEXSON/REGA VinylPlay Turntable, NEW

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FLEXSON/REGA VinylPlay Turntable, NEW

VinylPlay gives music fans a best-of-both-worlds solution: an excellent record player that's easy to use and can be integrated into a modern streaming system. VinylPlay's integrated analog-to-digital converter and phono amp make it simple to connect to a wide range of modern music systems. For example, you can plug it into active/powered speakers to create an instant system. VinylPlay also works with conventional hi-fi and AV systems, and if you want to enjoy your records in every room, you can easily connect it to a SONOS system. VinylPlay can be connected directly to the SONOS PLAY:5 speaker or into a SONOS CONNECT onto any speaker on the network. Unlike inferior 'USB' turntables that can damage precious records, VinylPlay uses high-quality components, which means better-quality sound. VinylPlay is a true hi-fi product - precision made in the UK - but with no fiddle or fuss of 'audiophile' turntables. VinylPlay is easy to use - a quick-start guide on the platter will set you up in seconds; you're only minutes away from music when you open the box!

With  Audio Technica AT 91 Cartridge included 

Made In England by Rega, this turntable is an absolute bargain, connects straight to any line input or USB, and is switchable.  

Available in White or Black.

For condition details and/or additional pictures, please contact us directly on 03 9882 0372 or email us at 

This product comes with Warranty. Click here for warranty details.

Free shipping Australia-wide.  


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