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Goldring ULM-L, Ultra Low-Mass Moving Magnet Stereo Cartridge

Goldring ULM-L, Ultra Low-Mass Moving Magnet Stereo Cartridge

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Goldring ULM-L, Ultra Low-mass MM Phono Cartridge

Brand New

The Goldring ULM series Cartridges represent low mass, high-quality moving magnet type stereo cartridges weighing only 2.6 g.

Chosen materials and design for the generation of power realised low mass and further improvements of not only tone but the electrical and physical performance.  Particularly outstanding is the tracking capability.

The ULM-L features a nude line contact stylus of outstanding tracing performance.

Use only Low mass high-quality Tonearms.


Stylus Tip:  Line Contact Nude Diamond

Frequency Response:   10 Hz - 40'000 Hz  

Channel Separation:  Min. 28dB/1KHz

Output Voltage:    3.5 mV at 1KHz

Channel Balance:    Within 1dB

Load Resistance:  47K ohm 

Net Weight:     2.6 gr

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