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Thrax Teres Stereo Power Amplifier, DEMO

Thrax Teres Stereo Power Amplifier, DEMO

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Thrax Teres Stereo Power Amplifier (Demo)


  • Long-life input vacuum tube 

  • Custom phase splitting transformer 

  • Silicon carbide rectifiers 

  • Shunt-regulated power supply for the tube stage

  • Solar cell bias of output stage

  • Microprocessor-controlled operation

  • Zero feedback 

  • Special grade screened power transformer 

  • JFET/MOSFET cascode output devices 

  • Modular construction

  • Solid machined aluminum chassis

  • Stereo output stage implementation with dual mono drivers  

Weight:  26kg  
Dimensions  340x440x230mm 
Power   max. 500W 115/230V 50/60Hz 
Max. input level  5.5V Rms 
Output power  150W@3% /8Ohm 200W/4Ohm 
Gain  16db 
Input impedance  47k 
Output impedance  .4 Ohm 
Signal to Noise  114db 
Frequency response  20-20,000Hz +/- 1db 


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