Wireworld Oasis 7 Audio Interconnect Cable

Wireworld Oasis 7 Audio Interconnect Cable

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Wireworld Oasis 7 Interconnect Cable is the most cost effective cable that utilizes Wireworld’s superior Quad DNA Helix cable design and Silver-Tube™ plugs to dramatically improve the definition and dynamics of popularly-priced AV systems.

DNA Helix

The DNA Helix cable design (U.S. Patent #8,569,627) was formulated to provide a comprehensive solution to the audible losses of cables. Essentially, signals are moved through cables by electromagnetic field energy vibrating electrons in the conductors. To minimize electromagnetic losses, including skin effect, the flat conductors in the DNA Helix designs are as thin as a single strand. All of the strands are completely parallel, providing the most direct signal path possible. These unique flat conductors are arranged in layers to channel the electromagnetic signal energy most efficiently (See blue lines in Illustration below). Furthermore, in the analog cables, the spacing between the positive and negative conductors is fine tuned by ear to match the pure sound of a direct connection. The affect of that tuning is like focusing a lens, with the beautiful textures and dynamics of live music coming into vivid 3-D focus when the spacing is just right.

Composilex® 2 Insulation

Beyond the advantages of the best conductor materials, our second generation composite insulation, Composilex 2, preserves the purity of the signal by minimizing triboelectric noise better than any conventional insulation material, including DuPont Teflon®. Composilex 2 provides rewarding improvements in vividness, focus and dynamic contrast. With these innovations, Wireworld Series 7 cables have advanced the art of reproducing the power and delicacy of music.

Key Features
  • Oxygen Free Copper Conductor
  • Silver Contacts
  • Silver Clad OFC Connnectors
  • 21 AWG Gauge
  • Quad DNA Helix
  • Composilex 2 Insulation
  • OAI (RCA to RCA)